What is Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM )?

Misconception around CIAM

A widespread misconception about CIAM is that as the technology necessary for CIAM (Customers Identity and Access Management) is the same as that required for traditional IAM (Identity and Access Management), traditional IAM solutions can be extended to manage external customers too.


In terms of security, scalability, and high availability, CIAM and IAM are very similar. Both solutions match the above three objectives for a great user experience, however, CIAM goes above and beyond the typical IAM method in terms of user experience, personalization, and performance.

Why CIAM is important

Organizations have several classes of end-users like employees, customers, partners, etc. and each requires a different balance of security and user experience. For example, employees will be more tolerant towards poor user experience than the end-users.

  1. Protection from fraud — Users believe that the brand will protect them from fraud, breaches, and privacy violations on their platform (About 70% of users believe so).

Key Features of CIAM

  • Platform-based functionalities — The platform combines multiple features and services into a single user experience that is simple to understand and use.
  • Strong authentication protocols like MFA, SSO, etc. enable the solution to detect identity theft and prevent dangerous bots from sending fake traffic to a website.
  • Scalability & Integration — Customer-facing apps see tens of thousands of users and the number keeps on growing as business scales, hence the solution should be able to adapt to new integrations and fast-growing user volume.
  • Support — Downtime in customer-facing applications can be disastrous for a company’s bottom line. As a result, features such as extensive documentation, well-organized FAQs, self-service, and 24-hour telephonic help are critical.
  • Interface customization allows for modifying and delivering a personalized and user-friendly experience to customers.

Benefits of CIAM

  • CIAMs are highly scalable and streamline the customer experience through simplified login.
  • It helps organizations understand their customers and their behavior to drive more revenue via online interaction.
  • Simplified user onboarding process allowing users to register by signing up or using social registration.
  • Cost reduction for the organization through centralized Identity management for customers
  • Allows organizations to deliver a personalized and conversion-friendly website experience to users.
  • Provides critical transparency and the ability for end-users to control, erase, and export/transport their own personal data, hence enforcing trust in the brand/organization.
  • Single sign-on and identity federation for users.
  • Enables users to manage their own identities


Although CIAM and IAM solutions share the same building blocks, the traditional IAM solutions cannot be extended to replace/act in place of a CIAM solution. The unique requirement of a client-facing application needs a flexible and scalable Identity and Access Management solution that requires a dedicated solution built on top of IAM features.



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