Top 10 Shopify Apps for your Shopify Store — Secure & Protect Customer Data

  1. Online store security is of utmost importance since customer’s sensitive information might be stored on the store’s database/server.
  2. Shopify supports third-party apps for boosting sales, increasing store security and usability. Check out all the apps available on the Shopify Appstore.
  3. Using the Single Sign-On app will ease the process for merchants having multiple stores or websites.
  4. Apps like Two-Factor Authentication are necessary for increasing the level of security and to keep away spammers or non-genuine users.
  5. You can use your store credentials to login to other CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, Thinkific, Docebo etc using the store as idp app.
  6. Always keep your store’s data in sync with SCIM. It will avoid the risk of data redundancy and reduce the hassle included in managing the store data across various websites.
  1. Protect your store content — Smart security :



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