Protect your Shopify Store with OTP Login & Two-Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. Making 2FA compulsory for accessing certain features: Companies like Apple have made it compulsory for users to activate 2 FA for accessing features leading to or storing any form of sensitive information.
  2. Forcing 2FA: Some banks have only one authentication method that is 2 FA for accessing their services.
  3. Billing discount: Some companies give discounts on monthly subscriptions/bills for customers who have set up 2FA for the first time.
  4. Coupon Codes: A few services providing companies give free coupons or one-time discounts to customers enabling 2FA
  1. Add an extra layer of security by configuring a Two-Factor Authentication method / Multi-Factor Authentication method. There are more than 15 trusted authentication methods available.
  2. Risk-based authentication ensures that if the user is already logged in from a trusted device/location/time, then he won’t be prompted again for authentication.
  3. Passwordless authentication can authenticate users only with the secondary authentication method without the need of entering a username and password.
  4. Fraud prevention: Keeps your Shopify store away from fake orders and automated bots.
  5. Session Management: Prevents sharing of accounts. Highly beneficial for paid subscription-based service providers. Users can only login from a single device at a time.
  6. Personalizations: You can customise the login widget. Also, any type of requirements will be fulfilled. miniOrange supports all types of customisations and personalisations.
  1. It is very important to use a highly secure authentication method for the Shopify store.
  2. Two-factor Authentication not only helps in securing your store but also safeguards your store from fraudsters creating fake orders and spamming your store with fake authentication details.
  3. Session Management is very useful in the case of video/music streaming platforms or for platforms having paid subscription services.
  4. With User Behaviour based authentication methods, the users won’t be prompted to login based on parameters like the device being used, location/time of access etc.
  1. Configure OTP Login for Shopify
  2. Click here to download the 2FA app for Shopify
  3. Checkout more security solutions for Shopify
  4. Know more about miniOrange



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