Migrating from RSA Access Manager to miniOrange Identity Platform

With the news that ‘RSA Access Manager’ (and previously known as ClearTrust), would reach end-of-life (EOL) status in June 2021, RSA Access Manager customers are looking to migrate to another Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.

Migrations are most successful when handled with the best methods and planned approach. miniOrange is taking all these issues like cost, MFA methods & providing support to all organizations for easy and free migration from RSA Access Manager. The Identity platform ensures that organizations benefit from the use of its solution by ensuring their RSA tokens can coexist with their Identity Platform deployment until all users are fully migrated.

An alternative of RSA Access Manager- Identity & Access Management with advanced Data Model

miniOrange provides a solution to the migration path for RSA customers providing a smooth workflow process and a good user interface. Authentication is the most crucial and identity security solution to avoid much brute force, phishing attacks, credentials stuffing and secure access to the data for all workspace and customer authorizations.

  • A restriction arises where you won’t be able to authenticate if your device like your phone or laptop is not available. miniOrange provides KBA as a backup even if you don’t have a device to resolve this issue
  • Use Push Notification or Scan a QR code and various other methods provided by the miniOrange Authenticator app to avoid getting kicked off the network due to the countdown limit.
  • miniOrange delivers regular updates and improves performance over the releases which can be opted over a bit outdated and slow software & also provides a guide for quick setups as well as 24*7 active support
  • An issue that is faced while deploying a two-factor authentication, VM appliance backup cannot be deployed to different hardware so if you back up the server you cannot recover to different hardware. Installing a new server from scratch is not an option that the users would prefer and hence miniOrange resolves this issue as you can backup your configuration and deploy it at any other server which has tomcat running.

In this era of telecommunication, the MFA method of authentication features allows employees to safely access data from any device or location without putting sensitive data at risk. Having a second form of identification greatly decreases the chance of a hacker gaining access to corporate devices or other sensitive information.

In order to secure tokens, the miniOrange adaptive authentication system supports many broad sets of modern mechanisms like Device management, Geo-Location recognition, IP recognition, Time of Access-based and more which therefore increases the prospect of security for your employees more than just the use of OTP tokens. Adding new apps and clients is simple, offering quick and ideal opportunities on migrating from the existing cloud and on-premise MFA outcomes. With seamless Single Sign-On and identity governance, miniOrange makes it simple to make sure about clients, devices, and applications.

RSA Access Manager vs miniOrange

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