Enabling Secure Authentication With WebAuthn

WebAuthn is the official web standard for passwordless authentication allowing Web browsers to perform verification by using public-key cryptography.

Secure Authentication With WebAuthn

But with two-factor, the Hackers use a variety of tactics for social engineering attacks. There are many scenarios when it comes to 2FA if the hacker knows your login credentials but with 2FA the hacker can’t log in by using the username and password. so the hacker uses social engineering attacks to get the code for two-factor.

Now, what can an attacker do? How does he use Social engineering attack to bypass the 2fa?

During an attack, an attacker can do the following things:

  • The attacker can create a convincing email that appears legitimate but contains a connection to a phishing website (a fake website pretending to be a genuine website). When you click the page, you will be directed to a fake website.
  • Also, if the attacker phished the backup authentication verification codes and once the attacker enters into the account, he has complete unauthorized access to it.

Why aren’t we making use of the stuff they already have that is difficult to hack? And to validate the user identity of the user instead of the traditional way of authenticating WordPress users? Individuals use such procedures to enhance the protection of the data stored in the system, and only the person who knows or has the authentication key can access the system. For the same purpose, WebAuthn comes into the picture.

The core component of the FIDO (Fast ID Online) project and the web standard of authentication is published by the world wide web consortium (W3C) under the FIDO Alliance called WebAuthn (Web Authentication). Their ultimate aim is to streamline the authentication of users via an interface.WebAuthn plays the biggest role in protecting the details on your website. miniOrange login security has already integrated the webAuthn compatibility for WordPress.

Why do we need WebAuthn?


Convenience with advanced security:

Privacy majors:

miniOrange supported Webauthn methods

Enabling WebAuthn for your WordPress Website

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